Headmistress' Message

"Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without
them, humanity cannot survive.”

— Dalai Lama


While looking through an old box, a little girl Bubli, came across a stuffed bear named Teddy. "How come Teddy has no fur?"she asked. "Why doesn 't she have eyes?" Her mother explained that their dog had chewed up Teddy and thus she lost her eyes. Bubli was shocked. Gravely, she kissed Teddy's empty eye sockets. This shows that, children have an inborn capacity for compassion.

In a world of increasing hatred and constant conflict and turmoil, it is more important than ever to raise children who are understanding and kind to other people. Teaching this doesn't mean lectures or visits to an old age home or showing some sort of sympathy when someone is sick or meets with an accident. It should be a part of our day—to-day life. What is the benefit of our education if we still throw garbage on the streets to be ultimately picked up by an uneducated person? I t is important for us as teachers and parents to be aware of and how we can enhance the child's growing capacity to understand and think about other people and be sensitive. Some children are naturally more attuned to other people's feelings and difficulties, while others are less sensitized. Either way, we have the opportunities to influence our children's ability to empathize.

It is important to teach our children the ways to treat others with love, care and respect and to help them develop the understanding that actions have consequences. As teachers and parents we can show and teach our children in all our dealings on how to be gentle and compassionate. Compassion is one of the many feelings embedded within love. It means opening our heart and feeling to what others feel and really understand their problems while showing them our care. It is done by being on the other one's wavelength, Getting out of one's own head and into one's own heart.

A truly compassionate world would have looked a lot different from the one we have today. But there are signs we are becoming more and more compassionate. Only in compassion one can reach out to others in understanding and love. As Mater Dei School is at the juncture of its celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, it can all start with our efforts to be more compassionate. As we begin to reach out that way, we will begin to transform our world.

Years later, every time the same Bubli hugs the old teddy, she knows she made a difference.

“If I choose to bless another person, I will always end up feeling more blessed”—Marianne Williamson So let us be a blessing to others in all circumstances and be blessed by God abundantly.

Sr. Salimma Sebastian, fmm