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From Principalís Desk

We at Mater Dei consider each pupil an individual. In a climate of mutual trust we help everyone to discover and cultivate her talents and to accept responsibility for oneís own development and growth.

We enable each student to see oneís life as a gift and help them to realize that it is right attitudes and principles assist them to organize their life in the light of Godís plan for them. We evoke in the students the sacredness of life and of every life. At Mater Dei we promote the spirit and practice of cooperation and collaboration.

We create an environment and school climate which values and demonstrates the many benefits of networking, synergy and team work making it a characteristic trait of our school.

We accept and defend and promote the rights of children. In our school, both in the classrooms and on the campus, we create a friendly and humane climate where discipline, enforced with firmness is also accompanied by love and compassion.