School Transport
  • The School bus is available for the pupils of classes I to XII.
  • A bus identity card will be issued to all pupils using the School bus. This card should be brought to School daily and made available for inspection at the request of the bus conductor or the school authorities.
  • One month’s notice must be given before withdrawing from the use of the School bus or one month’s fee in lieu of the notice, will be charged.

Bus Behavior and Discipline

Note: Behavior in the bus must be polite and conform to school standards. Loud – talking, singing, playing games, swinging on over-head rails and running up and down the bus aisle and drawing attention of passers by will not be permitted. Students whose unruly behavior inconveniences the driver or conductor or causes annoyance to the fellow travellers will not be permitted to use the school bus.

Traveling on the footboard is strictly forbidden

Students are not permitted to add new stops for their convenience. This should be done through the school office. Parents are requested to note, that, bus routes are planned to suit the convenience of the majority who use the bus, hence routes cannot be changed or extended to suit individual needs.

No student is allowed to go by any other bus other than the one allotted to her

Any clarification or complaint about the school bus will be entertained by the School office on School days between 8.00 am to 9.30.

School doesn't Own Buses. DTC Buses are Hired on Contract Basis, Details of Transport Charges are :

  • Up to 5.00 k.m - Rs. 1125.00
  • 5.01 k.m to 8.00 k.m - Rs. 1175.00
  • 8.01 k.m and above - Rs. 1200.00