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Mater Dei School for girls, was established in 1956, by the Sisters, Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. This Christian Minority School was begun with the primary objective of providing education in a Christian atmosphere to all children, especially Christians. Our aim is personal and integral formation of the young. We make special efforts towards the moral, spiritual, intellectual, social and physical development of children. The motto of our school is “To love through Truth’. This ideal is set before our Staff and Students, in order that their thoughts, words and actions may be motivated, each day, by Love and Truth.

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Sr. Stella Joseph FMM


Mater Dei School

"A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver”:- The Bible (Proverbs 25:11) 

When queen Elizabeth of Hungary gave alms to the poor, she would say “It is not possible for us to open our money-purses always, but we should never close our hearts. Even if we have no money we do have a heart to take pity on the needy, eyes to see them, feet to visit them and a mouth to encourage and comfort them”. 
Kindness, mercy, compassion – these are divine qualities. To be kind is to be gentle, understanding and supportive. Kind words come from a loving heart. They cost nothing but can have great effects of comfort, encouragement, peace and joy to the listener. If we desire to hear kind words, we should be happy to speak kind words. 
Our Pope Francis – the leader of the Catholic church declared this year 2016 as ‘Jubilee year of mercy’. Let us consciously make an effort to think kind thoughts, have kind feelings and speak kind words. Our He...

Sr. Arul Geetha FMM


Mater Dei School

"Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part in our hearts" 

"I came that you may have life, Life in abundance!" says the Holy Bible. Life is beautiful, dynamic and exciting! Today's world runs fast with high tech digitalization. The socio-economic scenario is changing rapidly. Everything is instant, quick and attainable at finger tips. The technology has the credit to its race, in spite of the pros and cons. All of us consciously and unconsciously wish to be part of this race. While running fast, we forget the neighbor next door, the needy at the street and the weak in the society. Thus, the humanity loses its essence and life becomes lifeless. 
In this scenario, education plays a vital role to inculcate the virtues and enlighten the minds, thereby grow better human beings to care, to listen, to help, to love and to celebrate life, life to the fullest. The school as a beacon of education promotes in planning, setting and reaching concrete and achi...

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