Fee Details

1.The fees are to be paid online through CampusCare.

2.Those who are unable to pay online can make the payment by cheque in favour of Mater Dei School and deposit at the school office.

Months Payment at the Bank Counter-School Premises
April,May & June 2021 5th April to 30th April 2021
July, August & September 2021 5th July to 31st July 2021
October, November & December 2021 5th October to 31stOctober 2021
January, February & March 2022 5th December to 31st December 2021

3. Those wish to pay monthly can do so, by paying the monthly fee by 20th of every month.

4. All dues - School Fees are to be cleared by 31st December-2021.

5. All payment of fees should be up to date as per schedule mentioned above.

6. Non-payment of fees on time will result in the student being debarred from appearing for the Examination.


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