Rules for Payment Fee

  • The Fees are to be paid by cheque Only in Favour of MATER DEI SCHOOL.
  • School Fees are payable at the Syndicate Bank Counter, in the School premises between the 5th to 30th/31st from 10.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. according to the schedule given below:
    Months Payment at the Bank Counter-School Premises
    April, May & June, 2020 5th April to 30th April, 2020
    July, August & September, 2020 5th July to 31st July 2020
    October, November & December, 2020 5th October to 31st October 2020
    January, February & March, 2021 5th December to 31st December 2020
  • If Fees are not paid by the dates mentioned above, a late fee of Rs. 50/- per month is to be paid and these fees will be accepted only at Syndicate Bank, Barakhamba Road, Arunachal Building, New Delhi- 110001. All dues - School Fees and Bus Fees - are to be cleared by 31st December, 2020.
  • All payment of fees should be up to date as per schedule mentioned above.
  • Non - payment of fees on time will result in the student being debarred from appearing for the Examination.

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